September 7, 2012

Has a Month gone by already?

Wow, the good weather for the balance of August and this first week of September has had me on the water almost everyday. Mid August the blues came in strong and I had the opportunity to get some great kids on them ranging from 5# to 12#. We took them on top water plugs and live lining mackerel and pollock. All the kids did great and it was awesome to see a couple skid across the deck as a big blue peeled line off the reel. Mid August I worked on a client’s boat for the 3 day ALS/MDA fundraiser catch and release shark tournament. No makos or threshers for us but we did release 6-8 blue sharks per day ranging from 150-400#. Perfect number of blue sharks this year as last year we were over run with them releasing 31 the first day and 17 the next while trying for a mako or thresher. The end of August had the stripers heating up at times but being tough on others. There were the strong 28-35″ fish we have had all season but slot fish of 20-26″ had joined the party which made several clients very happy to go home with delicious table fare. As of a couple of days ago there were still some blues around and I look forward to the stripers putting on the feed bag anytime now for the fall migration. We are due for some big time feeding frenzies!

The Steel family of Jim, Diane, Katie, and Ashley had a great morning. They landed around 20 blues and lost as many. Most were on top water plugs and saw multiple fish hammer the plug right to the boat. Big thank you to the family for donating their blues for the shark tournament! 8.13.2012

Katie and her Dad with a pair of nice bluefish. yes, we needed the brush that day. 8.13.2012

Ellie and William did well with the lobstering and the fishing. Both reeled in big bluefish all on their own. William caught what was most likely a world record cunner while mackerel fishing that we unknowingly released. 8.14.2014

Sammy and lucky Bobby found some decent mid August stripers. 8.21.2012

Bobby’s in mid battle with a decent striper in skinny water. 8.21.2012

Jarid with his first striper that he brought home to feed his people. Thanks to Pop for the holding assist. 8.24.2012

Lexi and Pat worked hard with top water plugs and with live bait and were rewarded for their efforts. 8.26.2012

Pat with one of the biggest bluefish of the year. 8.26.2012

Carolyn does it again with nice striper caught near the old “Clown’s Mouth”. 8.30.2012

Gary woke up just in time for this one. 9.1.2012

Gary’s naps were the good luck charm for Sammy. 9.1.2012

Joe and his wife had the high hook on Labor Day. 9.3.2012