June 29, 2012


Last weekend started out very nice with great sea conditions. On Saturday I took out Vince and his friend and found the fish and they gave us a good show with several big stripers smashing the live mackerel on the surface. The problem was they weren’t finding the hook after dramatic takes. It was part bad luck and part technique adjustment, Vince and Billy are fly fishing trout fisherman and setting a hook on a trout and sticking one in a striper are two very different events. They ended up going 1 for about 20, put the first slot fish in the boat at 25″ and lost one right at the boat, missed some big 40″+ fish.

Sunday I tool out Alden and two of his guest on a spectacular morning. The ocean was so flat it felt like we were driving on asphalt. Had trouble finding mackerel again but eventually got in to them and filled both live wells. Many of the Mackerel had bite scars on them, along with them being scarce indicates that there are some bluefish around. We decided to take a trip over to the shore near the Head Light and found someone in our honey hole after all that traveling. Fished a couple of spots, saw a fish follow our mackerel but wouldn’t take. We had another swallow a mack and swim around with it like a dog on a leash and we weren’t sure it was a striper as the mack had slid up the line under the balloon and appeared to be swimming. After 20 minutes of swimming around it was time to leave and Chip starts to reel it in only then realizing we had a 25″ striper on the line! Bizarre day with the stripers being unaggressive on a very calm morning.

Beginning of the week was a wash out with the weather and had to cancel a few trips. Took out my wife Nelly and her friend Caryn who was visiting from Idaho later in the week and scored some nice lobsters. Nelly was trying to catch some mackerel for bait and had a big hit followed by half her rig missing when she reeled it in. Bluefish? Good stretch of weather coming up and look forward to taking out Sammy and his family.

Lobstering at Richmond Island with Caryn, Nelly, and Austin

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