2014 Season Wrap Up

NOV 1, 2014  Season Review


2014 ended up being another good year. We had a large influx of smaller bass along with the larger fish that have been around the past few years. It’s always good to see the smaller fish for they will be our cows of tomorrow. I started scouting mid May and for the third year in a row we caught a striper off the beach before June. My first charter was on May 31st and my clients caught 12 stripers.

Sammy with the first striper of the year on May 25th.

June was good but not as hot as the past few years. We did run in to some very nice sized fish 30″-40″ but were spotty one day to the next. A few clients caught their very first stripers in June this year. It is always a thrill for me to have clients catch their very first stripers especially when they are in the 30″s.

Martha with her first striper 35″. 06.19.2014

PA from Quebec City with his first striper 37″. 06.30.2014

PA’s friend George with his first striper 38.5″. After we landed the fish George said his hands were shaking, I assured him that that was completely normal! 06.30.2014

The mackerel were here from the beginning of June right through November. Some days we had to work harder that others but we only got skunked once but fortunately I bring a bag of frozen as back up. A nice bonus to bait this year was a good squid run. We picked some up on several trips and caught some nice stripers with them, stripers have the nick name of “squid hound” down in NY.

Sammy with a beautiful striper he caught on a squid. 07.04.2014

Mid summer was typical with some days having to work harder than others but for 73 trips we were skunked only on 4 trips. Whether we catch a bunch of fish or not, we always have a good time on the water!

Ellie and William with a lobster from one of my traps that was too big to keep. They did catch 2 stripers that day but they always have a smile on their faces even when it is slow. 08.06.201

August was once again good fishing with many double digit days. Usually August can be one of the slower months but the past few years it has been one of the best.

Scott had 2 great afternoon trips landing 12+ stripers each trip. 08.05.2014 + 08.19.2014

As usual when Bobby joins Sammy onboard, they always have good luck. On the two trips Bobby was out they landed 12+ stripers on each trip.
08.18.2014 + 08.22.2014

September has not been treating us as well as it has in the past. It started off pretty well but not the crazy action we have had in the past with acres of stripers blitzing on bait. We did have some decent bait around just no schools of stripers working them. The biggest striper of the year came on September 5th. With all of the stripers that were caught this year between 35″-40″, only 2 were over 40″. Beth landed the largest one at 42″ and Gary caught the second Largest at 41 1/2″.

Beth with the biggest striper of the year, 42″. She did a great job bringing it in with her calm and controlled style. Congratulations Beth!

Gary with the second largest striper of the year, 41 1/2″. Just before he hooked this beauty, he was complaining about using a pink balloon for his mackerel. I tried to assure him that pink is my lucky color. Needless to say Gary is all in on team pink now.

It is hard to see how big these fish really were from the pictures, their size made it difficult to hold them up for the camera. Next time we will have another person help hold them up. Even though both fish were legal to keep being over 40″, Beth and Gary both released their fish in good condition to live another day and make more babies.

As always, I do not have much time during the season to post reports. After cleaning and prepping the boat before and after trips, I do put up some pictures from trips in the photo section of my site that are in chronological order. You are also welcome to give me a call or email me as to how the fishing is going.

I would like to thank all of my clients for another great year. It is an honor to have you onboard. To my regular clients that have been with me over the years, you are family.

Thank you,