2013 Season Wrap Up

Wow, all in all a great season. It started off with a bang in June and ended strong through the end of September tapering off only in the beginning of October. Mid season was better than normal  with August  being outstanding for that month. It was one of my best years for striped bass on The Sea Word with many double digit days of fish averaging 28-36″. Of course we can’t always be the King and had to work hard some days to land fish but out of 64 trips last season we only got skunked on 3 trips and 2 of them we did get takes but failed to hook them. The weather was very nice and you can see in the photos in the gallery that the seas were often flat as a frog pond. Strange year for the bluefish though, first time that I can remember we did not land a decent sized bluefish. There were a couple around but it was solitary drive byes,  we would hook and get bit off or the mackerel would get bit in half and never have it happen again for the rest of the day. We did see a big influx of juvenile bluefish of only 4″ in July, the smallest I have ever seen. We caught them on our Sabiki rigs and even caught some stripers with them live lining without a float. I have to apologize for not posting reports more regularly. When the season is in full swing I do not have much time in other than cleaning, maintaining, eating and sleeping, (what about the wife?). I do however post pictures in the Photo Gallery which gets loaded in chronological order and I make comments and date them so you can see how the season is going.

I want to thank all of my clients for a great year. I really appreciate the opportunity of providing them with an enjoyable day on the water.

This was the fattest striper of the year, 38″ and estimated at 30lbs. It was so fat it made it’s head look small so we named it Beetlejuice. Of course it was caught by Sammy “the Bass Master”.  07.27.2013

This was the largest striper of the season at 42″. We found a good school of big fish that day. We lost one that was as big or bigger right before this one. Dan landed this one with good skills and a bit of luck. He fought this fish on the smallest rod and reel onboard. It took all of his line down to the knot on the arbor, and I had to let the anchor line out so he could put a few wraps on the reel. They landed a bunch of stripers in the mid to upper 30s that day.      09.06.2013

Chef Mike with his first striper. He did a great job fighting it on light tackle. I just hope he doesn’t get too spoiled and expect them to them all to be that big. Chef Mike, Arlin, and Chef Andrew had some great trips last season.They are the proprietors of the excellent restaurants Hugos and Eventide in Portland. 09.25.2013